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Racket Game Engine : Make Games With Racket

Game dev and gaming stuff for the Racket Lang

Some ressources to help you make Games (video games) with the Racket Lang.

Game Engines

List of game engines for Racket : 

  1. R-Cade : R-cade is a simple, retro game engine for Racket.
  2. mode-lambda - Sprite-based 2D graphics engine.
  3. get-bonus - An experimental video game development environment.
  4. game-engine - Scratchpad for racket game stuff.
  5. pict3d - A 3D engine with a purely functional API.

Game Development Utilites

Awesome game development libraries.


If you want to write games with Racket, this can be required to read : 

  2. How to design Worlds with scheme


Games written in Racket