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19 Best ascii games

List of ascii games (free, open source, non free, etc.)

  1. Nethack
  2. Angband
  3. Curse of War
  4. Dwarf Fortress
  5. Adom
  6. Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup
  7. Brogue
  8. Candy Box
  9. ASCII Sector
  10. Doom RL
  11. Pyramid Builder
  12. Ninvaders
  13. Diablo RL
  14. Empire
  15. Nudoku
  16. ASCII Jump
  17. Bastet (Tetris clone)
  18. GNU Chess
  19. Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

Why play console / ascii games ?

ASCII Games are fun ! The poor graphics enable your brain to use visualisation to play the game.

It is like reading a book where you must visualise the face of characters, the house, the car, the land.

I had my most immersive game session playing Angband not Cyperpunk 2077 !

Also you can use theses games in a terminal if you work with Linux. So maybe you can play some of theses games at work ?