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How to earn money with Youtube

Everything to make money online with youtube

  1. Use Google Ad Network
  2. Sell your own product : use your youtube channel to promote your e-commerce store
  3. Create and sell an online course
  4. Sell services : if you have a channel where you explain how to fix cars, you can fix viewer cars to earn money
  5. Sell other people product : use affiliate link to sell product and earn commission (see Amazon Affiliate program)
  6. Become an influencer and earn money to present and talk about products on your channel
  7. Ask your audience for money : create a Paypal account
  8. Use Only Fan (if you are a pretty girl)
  9. Use Patreon to earn money
  10. Use Kickstarter to finance a year of Youtube content (it will work best if your are an artist)
  11. Use Youtube Subscription