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Jurassic World Dominion Spoilers (script leak)

Don't know if it is true... We'll see in june...

Part 1 - Dinosaur Species
First off, the new species and their descriptions. Some of these designs were corroborated by toy leaks yesterday, specifically the Pyroraptor and Dimetrodon. Besides the source's track record, this is another sign in favor of these leaks being true. The new designs are said to be inspired by James Gurney, author of the Dinotopia series.

Giganotosaurus (codenamed "Giant Dino" by Mattel) went through various designs before the current one was settled on. It was originally "monster-ish" with dark colors, similar to its appearance in Dino Crisis 2 but more accurate. This design was scrapped and replaced with a brighter design, sporting green and dirtish yellow colors. There was a design with protofeathers, but the final version instead has spikes and osteoderms that run from its head to its tail. It is said to be "like a larger T. rex" with a longer snout, but "less robust and more athletic." The source says that it has various scars, and compares it to the T. rex buck from TLW. Overall, the leaked plushie lines up with what is described here.

BioSyn's Deinonychus (codenamed "Speed Dino" by Mattel) is said to be in an interesting position lore-wise, which will be explained later on as part of the plot. It has three variants, which were given biome-based codenames during production. Each of these variants are based on a past Velociraptor design: TLW's males, and JP3's males and females. Two of these were already seen in set leaks from Malta. They are bigger and "more maleficent-looking" than Blue. Deinonychus are planned to replace Velociraptor as the antagonistic dromaeosaur in future films, so "don't be surprised" when Blue is still said to be the last of her kind.

BioSyn's Pyroraptor (codenamed "Fire Dino" by Mattel) also went through various designs. It was originally fully feathered and "quite beautiful." The current design has less feathers, but still has some. It looks like a phoenix with shades of red and blue, and it is said that research into birds of prey was made for creating its design. It is also smaller than the other dromaeosaur species. All of this lines up with the plushie and chibi figure leaked earlier yesterday, which heavily corroborates these leaks. Pyroraptor is said to be the new character dinosaur for this film, ala Blue and Stiggy. More information will be provided as part of the plot.

BioSyn's Therizinosaurus (codenamed "Slasher Dino" by Mattel) is likely to be a disappointment. Unlike most depictions in modern media, it lacks feathers and has "quills" instead. It is said to resemble a reptile more than a bird, with curved scythes similar to its appearances in Ludia's mobile games. Therizinosaurus is said to be green and orange, with blue and black details.

BioSyn's Quetzalcoatlus is described as being very similar in design to its appearance in JW1's pitch trailer, but with elements of the JP3 Pteranodon. It is said to be "dangerous, scary, and majestic" with bat-like wings and crow-like eyes. They are "elegant but weird," and more information will be provided as part of the plot.

Plesiosaurus (codenamed "Nessie"- make of this what you will) is likely to be another disappointing design. Its head is said to resemble that of an anaconda's. There are two variations. One is black and white resembling an orca, and the other is a muddied green and blue. More information will be provided as part of the plot.

Dimetrodon is said to have been added and removed from the film multiple times, but eventually made the cut. Its initial design is said to have resembled that of the JP1 Dilophosaurus, but the final design has two variations. One is said to be green and orange (like the one in the Lockwood Manor in FK,) and the other is said to be red and orange. The latter design matches up with the leaked plushie from yesterday, further corroborating these leaks.

There are 1-2 more major dinosaurs that are not described, and the source does not make it clear whether they're separate or the same thing. One is yet another dromaeosaur (codenamed "Mirror Dino" by Mattel,) and the other is genetically modified but not a hybrid. "Mirror Dino" was previously hinted by the source to be Utahraptor, while the latter is said to be inspired by the fictional "Excavaraptor" from John Sayles' cancelled Jurassic Park 4 script.
There are even more new dinosaurs, but are said to literally have background roles. This includes the officially revealed Lystrosaurus, as well as Microceratus and possibly Dreadnoughtus.

Next up, the returning species. The source claims that various dinosaurs are returning from previous films, starting from JW1 specifically. Hard confirmed returning species are as follows: Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, Nasutoceratops, Compsognathus, Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, Dimorphodon, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, Mosasaurus, and Baryonyx.

Other dinosaurs from previous films are mentioned by the source as being likely to return, but he has not heard them specifically mentioned yet. These species are as follows: Sinoceratops, Stygimoloch, Carnotaurus, Parasaurolophus, Allosaurus, Gallimimus, Ankylosaurus, Pteranodon, and Ceratosaurus(!)

The source claims that various dinosaur designs are already out there, but the people who have them are holding them off.

I have no idea how they'll fit so many species into one film, so don't ask me. I'm just a messenger.

Part 2 - The Backstory
Dominion is said to tie the previous five films together in ways that will likely prove controversial. Trevorrow wasn't kidding when he said that all six films are like one storyline, as it feels like Jurassic Park 6 just as much as it is Jurassic World 3. Obviously the line between the backstory and main plot isn't entirely clear, but I will do my best to split them into separate sections.

BioSyn gained access to the cloning technology after the events of JP1, when their agents sent a team of spies to retrieve Dennis Nedry's Barbasol can. This will be shown in a flashback scene, explaining the set photo depicting the Visitor Center's lab. BioSyn's cloning technology is said to be inferior to InGen's. Their dinosaurs are more accurate but have behavior issues, so they seek to improve them- more on that later in Part 3.

After his fallout with Hammond, Lockwood still "used to hold a power" on InGen and their properties. He got ownership of FK's Sanctuary island after discussing it with Hammond, which is why it was never mentioned before.

Hammond knew about BioSyn's antics and lied in TLW. Rather than wanting to preserve the dinosaurs on Isla Sorna, he just wanted to prevent BioSyn from accessing more of InGen's technologies. This is the real motivation for the establishment of Sorna as a biological preserve. Ludlow took advantage of the situation to boot Hammond out from InGen and become the CEO. Although this will inevitably be controversial with fans, it explains why Hammond seemingly flip-flopped when he entrusted Masrani with his dying wish of opening Jurassic World.

Hammond discovered everything about BioSyn and Dodgson but died before being able to tell it to Masrani. Before Masrani could step in, Dodgson took advantage of Hammond's death to gather various titles from InGen, gaining access to the islands in the process. Wu initially worked for BioSyn after Hammond's death, but couldn't make use of their limited technologies. He was convinced to switch over to Masrani Global and make use of their superior technology.

BioSyn was behind everything in the new films. Despite having access to the islands, they couldn't have direct access to the research or the dinosaurs. They pulled the strings behind the fall of Jurassic World, as taking down the park was necessary for them to gain access to Masrani Global's technologies. "Various incidents out of the islands" (I'm not sure what this means) were provoked by BioSyn in order to blame Masrani Global and destroy their image.

Dodgson raised his reputation with InGen Security, partnering with Hoskins. Wu "couldn't accept cloning only dinosaurs for attractions," since he knew that he could go further to human cloning. Masrani didn't approve of Wu's research. Since Wu felt like his creativity was being limited, he began working with Hoskins and BioSyn behind the scenes.

Hoskins was suborned by BioSyn to cover up various illegal activities, such as the poaching and exporting of dinosaurs out of the islands (plural.) The captured dinosaurs were researched and had samples taken from them, before being sold on the black market.

Dodgson demanded the creation of the Indominus rex, in order to expose Masrani's genetics to the black market. This led to the downfall of Jurassic World- an inside operation between BioSyn, Hoskins, and Wu. However, another company (implied to be Mantah Corp from Camp Cretaceous) "stepped in and complicated things."

BioSyn were presumably the ones who evacuated Wu and his technologies. They achieved full control of the park research after the fall of Jurassic World. The source does not state whether or not Mills worked for BioSyn, but I'd consider it a possibility. After Lockwood's death, his buildings and properties were sold at an auction and bought by Dodgson for BioSyn.

Dinosaurs not present in the JW films- at least Spinosaurus and Dilophosaurus in particular- were potentially culled by BioSyn in order to remove trace elements. This will make more sense later.

Part 3 - The Main Story
Now for the film's plot itself, rather than just the backstory and retcons. The source didn't provide a detailed, chronological plot, but this should still help you piece together a basic idea of the film's premise.

According to the source, "We will see many scenes of cruelty and abuse. An apology to what happens with real endangered animals." "JWD feels more like a sequel of JP rather than FK, can easily ignore JP3 and JW1 events. Thanks to the good reception of FK's horror elements, the claustrophobic and tense moments are back, they know this is on the roots of JP. Dodgson and BioSyn are heavily inspired by JURASSIC PARK PART 2: THE CHAOS CONTINUES. VARIOUS dialogues and scenes from BioSyn will take direct inspiration from this game."

After the events of FK, BioSyn is the new leading company with dinosaurs. They take the responsibility of making sure the escaped dinosaurs don't cause trouble in urban regions, creating a false good image with the public. They use their public image to hide dirty activities, such as the dino black market, illegal hunting, the ownership of particular zoos, etc.

Maisie is considered missing, and Owen and Claire are accused of kidnapping her, killing Lockwood, and freeing the dinosaurs. Wu faked his death with the help of Dodgson, so he could continue his work and give BioSyn credit for "innovative" or accurate dinosaurs. All of BioSyn's previous species are alternative versions stolen from InGen, modified by Wu to look authentic. In reality, they're poorly modified with behavior issues.

Wu "is blind by ambition and is doing many actions without thinking of the consequences." Maisie is kidnapped due to being his first "perfect" clone. BioSyn's plan is to try to reverse engineer her to develop their own cloning technique.

BioSyn has two laboratories. One is for the public in a snowy region, "similar to the Starkiller of SW Ep 7." Believe it or not, the other lab is a classified one on Isla Sorna! This is probably due to fan demand for the island's return. The latter is where Wu made his innovative dinos, known as "super dinosaurs."

Besides the secret BioSyn lab, Sorna is now turned into a "Jurassic Sanctuary" (placeholder name.) The source does not specify what this means exactly. However, as another addition of my own, the "dinosaur habitat operated by a global corporation" mentioned in the leaked official synopsis sounds very likely to refer to Sorna.

The "super dinosaurs" are more intelligent and sociable, similar to Blue in general. Pyroraptor is almost certainly one of these, since the source claims that it is "extremely intelligent and will likely become the fanbase's new favorite one, with a role similar to Blue but with his own takes." Another assumption of my own is that BioSyn kidnapped Maisie in order to improve these even more.

"There's some type of dinosaur training program, where certain species are forced to do absurd things to be domesticated." Yeah, I don't know how I feel about that either.

The Deinonychus are based on old Velociraptors from Sorna, which were artificially evolved with the intention of being "better" and more accurate. This explains why they use raptor color schemes from TLW and JP3. However, they ended up being larger, more violent, and more difficult to contain due to BioSyn's then-limited technology. (As an aside, the original JP3 raptors are mentioned to be a naturally evolved variant, which explains their differences from those in the first two films.)

"BioSyn has no population control, with males and females, the dinos started to spread extremely fast, since they're taken without any control." Not entirely sure what this is referring to.

Blue is said to not appear for most of the film, as she is captured and held hostage on Sorna by BioSyn. The reasoning behind this is that she's not only the last of her kind, but also pregnant (presumably through parthenogenesis from her monitor lizard DNA.)

There is a subplot of the T. rex being hunted down in California: "Rexy claimed territory nearby a highly populated area, causing various problems and incidents. and attracting the attention of the police With that being said, they set a reward for whoever captures or kills her. Night and helicopter scenes are part of people hunting down Rexy in the woods. During the chase Rexy ends up by a Drive-In with many cars and people watching a classic movie."

The original trio of Grant, Sattler, and Malcolm are back "so this movie supports the new movie standard," whatever that means. Hopefully their roles are still major and meaningful.

There's a subplot of Grant figuring out "the mystery of raptors understanding humans." I take this to mean that he's the one who figures out why Blue, the Pyroraptor, and possibly others are relatively tame and docile. This would be fitting, given his past with raptors.

Through various perspectives, the skeletons in Jurassic World's closet are revealed. This includes the "shady shit that turned around" the "raptor squad," Indominus rex, and Indoraptor. Think of Eddie's speech in Camp Cretaceous. It is also revealed that over the years, BioSyn has given hunters and rich people access to the islands for sport hunting, research, military research, and more.

A black market scene takes place on Malta, which is where some previously leaked set photos were taken. Various dinosaurs are freed and go nuts. This includes the leaked Deinonychus, which chase Owen through the streets while he's on his motorcycle.

The Plesiosaurus appear in a Malta scene with boats, but the source does not specify anything else about their role. It is stated that there are multiple Quetzalcoatlus, and that they create a big mess after they are freed.

The climax of the film is, most likely, in the lab on Sorna. Set photos indicate that Owen, Claire, Maisie, Grant, Sattler, Malcolm, Wu, and various new characters are all present.

Wu "was never a villain, but only acted on his own will in favor of science." He is injured while trying to save Maisie from the "Mirror Dinos." The set photos confirm that he has a broken arm during the climax, but it isn't mentioned whether this is before or after he saves Maisie. The source does not mention whether he lives or dies.

Dodgson ends up being killed by his own "evil raptor squad." The source does not specify whether it consists of Deinonychus or "Mirror Dinos," but he does specify that it is lead by Blue at that point in the film.

The source never mentions this, but I thought I should bring it up. Sam Neil mentioned in an interview that, at the start of the film, Grant and Sattler haven't seen eachother in many years. The set photos confirm that they end up kissing, so get ready for Degler to be NTR'd.

"This movie is a new era in a way, the dinos are the antagonists [and so for the NEXT MOVIES], the idea is to make the InGen dinosaurs get forgotten in the following years, and the paleo accurate designs become the new stars."

Part 4 - Extras (not Dominion)
The source also provided some information on Camp Cretaceous: "E750 already has its design on the hands of some people, completely different from what we saw so far, much more "monster" than dinosaur, similar to indom and indo, will be leaked soon, around 2-3 weeks. He was created by Wu demanded by Mantah Corp. He's inspired by the Slasher from Terra Nova. 5 seasons, the third in the end of this semester, 4th on the end of the year [opening up JWD's marketing through a special event] and the 5th and last on early 2022, after the first JWD trailer."

And on Jurassic World Evolution: "JWE2 will be revealed THIS YEAR during a Microsoft event, for various platforms, with release next to JWD, teasing various JWD animals on it."

And lastly, this is not from the source. It's the official leaked synopsis that I mentioned earlier: "When young Maisie is abducted by dino-poachers, Owen and Claire set out to find and rescue her, with their journey taking them to a dinosaur habitat operated by a global corporation with a possibly sinister  agenda... that's even now being investigated by Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler."

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